idk am i the only one that notices that most of the feminist men are poc 

like ive seen so many more posts from men that are of color promoting feminism than i have of white dudes 

idk man 

Raising my hand for pro feminism. I am sure there is another one out there so please reblog. However, I consider my modest role to be voting appropriately and locally calling men out on their constant, 24/7 misogyny. Otherwise, I merely encourage people to listen to women. It is not my place to speak for them.

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pro feminism


It’s really easy to say that identity has nothing to do with biology when you’re born with a male body that hasn’t made you the target of female oppression since birth. I can’t escape this body and be seen as human whenever I want but you can because male bodies are the default. 



changing my boyfriend’s name to Eve so when i introduce him to my homophobic family they’d be like “the bible said Adam and Eve not Adam and…wait” and it’ll basically crush their beliefs because they can’t use an argument against that

And that’s ladies and gentlemen how you end homophobia

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If I could switch lives with anyone I’d totally be ina garten like goddamn it her life is tasteful as hell

Not interested in switching lives but you know, just sayin me too.

ina garten